Really big day for you, sir.

Wow, this site has practically doubled its biggest traffic day and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet!

The upswing comes from two really cool events:

(1) My guest comic (?!) on Surviving the World, run by my pal Dante Shepherd.


(2) I’ve been named “Science Editor” for the granddaddy of New York wine blogs, The New York Cork Report.

Thanks to Dante and Lenn for these respective honors, I hope to serve them both well. Don’t worry, my internet fame probably won’t go to my head, and this blog will continue to update normally. Actually, hopefully MORE.

Extra credit if anybody can name the movie the title comes from. Hint: it’s said to a character played by Dave Thomas.

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  1. Hi from a loyal STW person! 😀

    • well hello. my goodness there are a lot of loyal STW’ers (survivors of the world?)

  2. Greetings from STW 😀

    This is a pretty cool site, very informative and interesting. I’m gonna start making my own wine here in a few weeks and I’ve learned quite a bit from you so far. I think I’ll stick around 😀

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