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Readers, in the lazy summer months, this blog has fallen way behind. I’ve got 15 posts that are started, dating all the way back to July. Fall is here, and it’s time to stop half-assing it. Humans crave routines, and even though my normal job isn’t a 9-to-5 or routine by any means, getting into the habit of sitting down and tasting wines and galvanizing thoughts and ideas into concrete content will benefit you and me. So here’s the deal. For the forseeable future, Ithacork will be updating on a daily schedule. I’m going to try this out for at least a month. If it completely kills me, then we’ll go back to twice a week. I’ve got so many ideas, though, that I think that as time goes on it will actually be easier to update daily than the irregular schedule I’ve been going on. And now that I seem to have somewhat of an audience, I have great motivation to keep the content coming.

So, starting tomorrow, Ithacork will update at least 5 times a week. In the future, look for more tasting notes (and blind competitions!), comments on various festivals I attended over the summer, book reviews, winery visits, crazy experiments, and of course, that geek-tastic science content that I love.

Let’s get the ball rolling with some cross-promotion for my inaugural post as Science Editor of the New York Cork Report. It’s about the benefits of sun exposure on grapes, and the comments section has become an interesting debate about the merits of pulling leaves to maximize exposure. Look at me, branching out into the viticulture side of winemaking!

Sun exposure can do wonders for grapes and the wines that they produce!

Sun exposure can do wonders for grapes and the wines that they produce!

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to reading your daily posts. If you have room for requests, could you report on the NY Viticultural practices of green harvesting? ­čśë ~Pamela

  2. Tom: Great news…looking forward to more of your work both on the NYCR and here on Ithacork. Great stuff.

  3. Tom,
    Great News! Like I have said in the past, I always learn something from your posts.

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