Three more Finger Lakes Wineries on Twitter

Three wineries join the party from three different lakes:

(1) Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery: @cayugaridgewine.

The home of Cranberry Essence and its refreshing companion, Cranberry Frost is now on Twitter. Located about halfway up the Cayuga Wine Trail, this place has a rustic barn tasting room and is located right next door to Thirsty Owl. I had a bottle of this wine to review, but I left it in the back of my car in July. A few days later, the cork blew and my car smelled like Riesling for a week or so. It… was an improvement?

(2) Three Brothers Winery: @Erica3bro, Erica Ridley, GM.

Three Brothers, up by Geneva on the east side of Seneca, puts out three different labels: Stony Lonesome, Passion Feet, and Rogue’s Hollow, each with their own tasting room (!) and each with their own (I assume) target demographic. Also on-site is a microbrewery, War Horse, home of NY state’s first Riesling ale (?). OK, you got me. I have to try this.

(3) Ravines Wine Cellars: @ravineswine

Okay, Ravines was already on the list, under co-owner Lisa Hallgren’s handle, but this one is the official word from the winery. From way out on Keuka, this winery preaches low yields and makes some dandy aromatic whites. Not that their reds are shabby, I just haven’t had too many in recent memory.

Wineries: Get on Twitter. Tell your story, know your audience, and sell your product.

If you are a Finger Lakes winery representative on Twitter and you don’t see your place represented on the big list, please let me know. Also, as always, you can follow some or ALL of these wineries from this link:

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