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Many people see winemaking as a mystical, magical process whereby ordinary grapes go into a barrel and somehow come out months later as the drink of the gods.  In many ways, wine drinking and appreciation itself has attained some mysterious practices as well.  In reality, there is a lot of science to the creation (and enjoyment!) of wine.

Ithacork is my way of combining some of the things I like doing the best: Tasting wine, science, and talking.  And let’s face it, what good is drinking wine if you can’t talk about it with somebody else?

For the most part I will focus on wines that I bought here in Ithaca, with an emphasis on Finger Lakes wines.  Generally this means that local readers can easily obtain reviewed/discussed wines if they want.  Too often does one read a review or tasting note of a wine that sounds awesome only to have that wine be available only from a mailing list or not available in the U.S. at all!


Q: Do I have to know a lot about wine to enjoy this site?

A: A little knowledge goes a long way towards really liking wine.  I have a little knowledge and I really like wine.  Hopefully, we’ll all learn something from this experience.

Q: Do I have to know ANYTHING about wine to enjoy this site?

A: Honestly, knowing a little bit of high school-level science will help more than the equivalent amount of wine knowledge.  The more pre-conceived notions you have about wine, the harder they are to break with actual facts when they’re wrong.  It will be tough, but my goal is to write for a broad audience, from someone who’s never had a drop to a Master Sommelier.

Q: Aren’t there enough pretentious wine snobs going on about tannins and minerals and all that gobbledygook?

A:  I love wine so much that I want other people to love it as much as I do.  And a wonderful way to really grow to love somebody (or something) is to get to know as much about him/her/it as you can.

Q: Why are some words in {braces}?

A:  Those are words that I’ve designated as “winespeak,” or vocabulary that not everybody might know.  As these words come up in the blog I’ll add my own definitions on the “Winespeak” page.  Clicking those words will open the winespeak glossary to that word in a new window.

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