More Finger Lakes Wineries on Twitter

Hey twitterphiles, add these Finger Lakes wineries and wine personnel to Twitter!

For harvest updates, follow @flxcrush or look for the #flxcrush hashtag.

Winery Twitter username Lake
Atwater Estate Vineyards @atwaterwine Seneca
Lucas Vineyards @LucasWineTalk Cayuga
Hazlitt 1852 Winery @Hazlitt1852 Seneca

Finger Lakes Wine Marketing People
FLX Crush Updates @flxcrush
Morgen McLaughlin, President, Finger Lakes Wine Country @FLWineLady
Finger Lakes Wine Country @FLWineCountry
Cayuga Wine Trail @cayugawinetrail
Seneca Wine Trail @senecalakewine
NY Wine and Culinary Center @NYWineCulinary

Are there any wineries that you’re following that I’ve missed? Check out the complete list and let me know!  You can follow some or ALL of these wineries on this link:

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Finger Lakes Wineries on Twitter

Twitter is awesome. If you’re not on it, you’re missing out. Join the conversation with me and these Finger Lakes Winery personnel. This will become a permanent page on the site, so check back for new additions as word spreads to winemakers and owners that allowing people to get to know the people behind a product is a great way to sell it.

twitter-bird = very active

Winery Twitter username Representative Lake
Billsboro Winery @Billsboro Seneca
Cascata Winery @CascataWinery Kurtis Vondracek (general manager) Seneca
Damiani Wine Cellars @DamianiWinetwitter-bird Seneca
Fox Run Vineyards @foxrunvineyards Seneca
Fulkerson Winery @FulkersonWinery John Iszard (sales/marketing director) Keuka
Glenora Wine Cellars @Glenorawine Seneca
Heart and Hands Wine Company @FLPinotGuytwitter-bird Tom Higgins (co-owner/winemaker) Cayuga
@FLPinotGirl Susan Higgins (co-owner)
Heron Hill Winery @HeronHillWinerytwitter-bird Keuka
@KittyOliver Kitty Oliver (marketing/PR)
@tambi13 Tambi Schweizer (tasting hall manager)
@StacyYeater Stacy Yeater (office manager)
Keuka Lake Vineyards @KLVWines Keuka
Keuka Spring Vineyards @KeukaSpring Keuka
Knapp Winery @knappwinery Cayuga
Lakewood Vineyards @Lizlakewood Elizabeth Stamp (co-owner/manager) Seneca
Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars @LamLanding Josh Wig (general manager) Seneca
Ravines Wine Cellars @Ravinous Lisa Hallgren (co-owner) Keuka
Red Newt Cellars @FLWinetwitter-bird Dave Whiting (winemaker/co-owner) Seneca
@FLChef Debra Whiting (chef/co-owner)
Silver Springs Winery @DonGiovanniWinetwitter-bird John Zuccarino (winemaker/co-owner) Seneca
Six Mile Creek Vineyards @SixMileCreek Cayuga
Wagner Vineyards @WagnerVineyards Seneca

Let me know if there are other wineries that I should have on here in the comments section. If you want a more general list of wine people on twitter, check out DrinksAreOnMe for some of Dale’s famous “Wine people on twitter” posts.

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