Ithacork goes to the Finger Lakes Wine Festival

Back in July, I attended two days of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival on the track at Watkins Glen International Speedway. I thought it would be a great opportunity to taste a bunch of wines that I haven’t had the opportunity to try, either because they are far away or I hadn’t heard of the winery. Well, I did try a lot of wine, but I also experienced a good bit of people watching. Here’s a video wrapup, filmed and edited by my cameraman and long-time friend Brian.

Just to preface: I do like some of the wines made with hybrid and even native grapes. I am definitely not anti-hybrid. What I’m not really a fan of is hybrid and native wines with way too much sugar in them, which is EXACTLY what most wineries at the festival were pouring the most of. If you can sit through the 5 minutes, enjoy.

More comments and some notes on particular wines in a later post.

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