Introducing Palate Press: the Online Wine Magazine

A few months ago, I got an email from David Honig, wine blogger and friend of this blog. It was an invitation to join an experimental wine writing project. From his email…

We are trying to collect the best wine writers on the internet in one place. You will appreciate the experimental nature the project. We are testing the hypothesis ‘if you filter the best wine writers and best wine writing on the internet through quality editors, then publish on a reasonable schedule (compared to blog aggregators that merely scroll away), you will create a product with commercial value to advertisers.’

How he came up with adding my name to this list I’m not sure, but I accepted his invitation and became a monthly contributor to Palate Press: the online wine magazine.

Palate Press is a compilation of articles and insights from some of the finest wine bloggers on the internet and updated daily. It’s administrated by David and Editted-in-Chief by “recovering wine critic” and wine celebrity in his own right, Mr. W.R. Tish. Since its recent launch, it’s gotten a lot of press, including an article in Wines & Vines .

My favorite article so far is one put up by the PinotBlogger, Josh Hermsmeyer, about finding {Brettanomyces} in white wines. Aside from the technical stuff, there are discussions about the ethics of shelftalkers, nutrition facts on wine bottles, and all kinds of other interesting wine-related stuff. If you like the content of this blog, then you should definitely check out Palate Press. My contribution will go live on September 24. It’s about labeling wine bottles and advertisements with health claims, and I’m pretty proud of the work that I and my editor, Arthur Przebinda of put into it. I’ll let you know when it goes live. Until then, do check out the other quaity articles on Palate Press. Do it now!

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